Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How often is your magazine published?
    We publish a new issue monthly!
  2. What areas does your magazine cover?
    We have over 300 rack locations from Northern Springfield, Missouri to Harrison through Eureka Springs, Arkansas.
  3. What sets you apart from your competition?
    Our team works tirelessly to connect buyers and sellers. We are more than print! We utilize social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube) to promote our advertisers’ message to those looking to buy or sell a home. We advertise ourselves in print and radio, which in turn promotes our advertisers. We are members of three local Chambers, as well as five REALTOR organizations and are involved in the communities we serve. We are also involved in a collaboration with Dreamland Productions to produce a podcast called The Branson Show, which is focused on highlighting the best of everything Branson has to offer, and will be available on Spotify and YouTube.
  4. How can I get a free copy?
    You can view new and past issues online at or or you can pick up a free hard copy at any of our over 300 rack locations, which are listed on our website. You may also click on the FREE ISSUE tab and request a free issue be mailed to you.
  5. How can I advertise in your magazine?
    Call us at 417-334-6671 or email request to
  6. What information do you need from me when I am placing an ad in your publication?
    We will need the information you would like in the header, as well as a photo of you and your company logo. Also, we will need to know the MLS #(s) you would like in your ad. We know how busy REALTORS are, so we can go online to get the photos and copy off of the MLS, to save you time. You may send the photos you would like, as well as the copy for each of your listings if you would like.
  7. How can I find out more about a listing I saw in your magazine?
    The online editions have hyperlinks embedded in most of our ads that link to the advertiser’s webpage or facebook page. Just click on the advertiser’s name and let your computer or mobile device link directly to them. All of our ads also contain a phone number and email address, as well as other pertinent information.